File access between OCTOPUS and SX-ACE/VCC with NFS

SX-ACE/VCC's file system (Home and ext on NEC ScateFS) and OCTOPUS file system are partly interconnected, which allows you** to access your data on SX-ACE/VCC and OCTOPUS from Frontend/Login nodes on SX-ACE/VCC and OCTOPUS.
The following file-path is used for Frontend/Login nodes on each system.

On Frotend node on OCTOPUS:

from OCTOPUS to SX-ACE/VCC home area /SC/HOME
from OCTOPUS to SX-ACE/VCC ext are /SC/EXT

On Frontend node on SX-ACE/VCC:

from SX-ACE/VCC to OCTOPUS home area /OCTFS/HOME
from SX-ACE/VCC to OCTOPUS work area /OCTFS/WORK

* Please note that only frontend nodes/login nodes can access the above path. Calculation nodes cannot access.
* It can access the above path only in the case of same user ID on both OCTOPUS and SX-ACE/VCC.


Posted : May 27,2019