Accepting SQUID Free trial

SQUID(Supercomputer for Quest to Unsolved Interdisciplinary Datascience) starts operation on May 6, 2021. This system is composed of different types of 3 clusters, General purpose CPU nodes, GPU nodes, Vector nodes. Total Peak performance is 16.591 PFLOPS.
As a part of the operating test, we provide SQUID computing services to the current users and possible future users without imposing a service charge for the first four months from May 16, 2021, until July. If you are not satisfied with computing resources in your laboratory, you just want to use cutting-edge accelerators and brand-new processors, please try to use our new over-petascale universal supercomputing system named SQUID. Of course, also in the case you have no experience of using any supercomputer systems, don't hesitate to try.
Please see the following page:
SQUID free trial

Posted : May 10,2021