Numerical studies of mysteries in thermos-fluid physics


Authors:Ken Naitoh

Affiliation:Waseda University, Faculty of fundamental science and technology, Applied
mathematics and aerospace engineering



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(Journal paper)

  • Aya Hosoi, Remi Konagaya, Sota Kawaguchi, Yasuhiro Sogabe, Yuya Yamashita, and Ken Naitho: “Computation Optimization of Pressure Wave Reflection on the Piston Surface for Single Point Autoignition Gasoline Engine with Colliding Pulsed Supermulti-Jets Leading to Noiseless-High Compression and Nearly-Complete Air-insulation” SAE technical paper, 2019-01-0235, Apr, 2019


(International conference paper)

  • Yasuiro Sogabe and Ken Naitho “Numerical calculation of engine with atomization effect due to shock wave” 28th ILASS-Japan Symposium, Yamaguchi Ube, Japan, December, 2019



  • Tomotaka Kobayashi and Ken Naitoh “Quasi-stability theory with multi-dimensional Taylor expansion: revealing transmutation of atoms in cold fusion” ICCF-22, Assis, Italy,September 2019


Posted : March 31,2020