First principle studies on C-C bond formations in electrochemical CO2 reduction reactions


Authors:Kazuhide Kamiya

Affiliation:Research Center for Solar Energy Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University


(Journal paper)

  • Liu, T.; Ohashi, K.; Nagita, K.; Harada, T.; Nakanishi, S.; Kamiya, K. "A Tin Oxide-Coated Copper Foam Hybridized with a Gas Diffusion Electrode for Efficient CO(2) Reduction to Formate with a Current Density Exceeding 1 A cm(-2)" Small Vol.18, No.50, December. 2022.
  • Shintaro Kato, Takuya Hashimoto, Kazuyuki Iwase, Takashi Harada, Shuji Nakanishi, Kazuhide Kamiya, "Selective and high-rate CO2 electroreduction by metal-doped covalent triazine frameworks: a computational and experimental hybrid approach", Chemical Science, Vol.14, pp. 613-620, Dec. 2022.


(Domestic conference/wokrshop)

  • 大橋圭太郎, 原田隆史, 中西周次, 神谷和秀 "Electrocatalytic reduction of carbon monoxide to multicarbon products on copper-single atom catalysts" 日本化学会第103回春季年会, 東京理科大学野田キャンパス, Mar 2023.
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  • 山本泰暉, 栗原諒, 原田隆史, 中西周次, 神谷和秀, "金属銅電極上でのCO2電解におけるCO二量化反応の第一原理分子動力学解析", 2022年 電気化学秋季大会,神奈川大学 みなとみらいキャンパス, Sep. 2022.



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Posted : March 01,2023