Allowance of traveling expenses

    Transportation costs for a round trip and accommodations costs can be paid for the presenter.
    Please check the notes and fill in the form at the bottom of the page.
    For details about Reporting meeting, please see here.



Traveling expenses

    - Transportation costs are paid between bussiness address and Osaka University
    - Accommodations costs are paid for a night.
    - Accommodations costs are cannot be paid to presenter who work in the Kinki area.
    - If you have any questions, please write in remarks.


Documentary evidence

    The following documents submission is required to receive travel expenses.
    Please hand it over on the day or send it at a later date.

    - Rail (Shinkansen)

      Not required.

    - Flight

      A receipt and a ticket stub are required.
      In the case of a round trip, it is necessary to submit receipts for the round trip and a stub for the outward ticket.

    - Accommodation

      Not required.


    入力フォーム / Itinerary form

    Ⅰ.旅程 / Itinerary

      氏名 / Name
      所属 / Affiliation
      勤務先住所 / Business address
      往路 / Outward
      復路 / Return
      宿泊予定 / Lodging
      補足 / Remarks


    Ⅱ.出張依頼状 / Request permission for official trip

      If you need a business request, please answer the following questions. We will send a PDF to the presenter by e-mail.

      出張依頼状の宛名(研究科長など) / Addressee
      宛名の所属 / Affiriation of addressee
      宛名の役職 / Position of addressee
      補足/ Remarks



      セキュリティ保護のため画像内の文字を入力してください。/ Please input characters of the image for security.