I can't use 2-step verification anymore due to a change of model, loss, or some other problem.

Please let us know through the contact form. In this case, please specify your name, user number, and e-mail address as they were at the time of registration.
Please note that your password will also be initialized at that time.
Inquery form


What type of computer systems can I use at the Cybermedia Center?

Please see the following page about our large-scale computer system.

System Introduction


How can I use systems?

We explain about the common basic to use all systems on the following page. Please see.

Basics to use system


I would like to know the detail of compiler.

This system has different compilers for each resource. Please see the following page about the detail.
How to use SQUID How to use OCTOPUS


Is there any sample program and so on which I can use?

Please see the following page.
How to use SQUID How to use OCTOPUS


I have forgot my login password. How should I do?

Please apply the "パスワード初期化申請をする" button on the following web site.

the Web application system


How can I connect to CMC's supercomputer?

Please see the following page about how to connect.
How to login

In the case of HPCI user or JHPCN-HPCI user, please see the following page.
How to login(for HPCI user)