The Cybermedia Center provides researchers in academia and industries with a high-performance computing environment composed of large-scale computing systems as a national joint-use facility where scientists and researchers perform computation and information processing accompanied with academic research and education. Also, our large-scale computing systems are provided as a computing resource in High Performance Computing Infrastructure, or HPCI.

System under procurement

Supercomputer System for HPC & HPDA

This system is planning to start operation on May 1, 2021. ...[read more]

Services currently in operation


This system is composed of different types of 4 clusters, General purpose CPU nodes, Xeon Phi nodes, GPU nodes and Large-scale shared-memory nodes, total 319 nodes. ...[read more]


This system is a “clusterized” vector-typed supercomputer, composed of 3 cluster, each of which is composed of 512 nodes.

...[read more]

Past services


2013 - 2020 ...[read more]


2012 - 2017 ...[read more]


2006 - 2014 ...[read more]


2006 - 2014 ...[read more]


2006 - 2014 ...[read more]