To access to our center's high-performance computing environment, users need to access the CMC-Scinet, the supercomputer network which our large-scale computer systems are connected. For the access to our systems, two type " Frontend node " are installed.

Basic access to our large-scale computer systems is though the login to Login node as the gateway from outside the CMC-SCinet using SSH and GSI-SSH. After logging in, users are automatically connected to the Frontend node as the working computing server. Users can develop and compile their own programs as well as submit jobs through the scheduler.
* This page is how to login SQUID. If you login OCTOPUS, please see this page.
* HPCI and JHPCN-HPCI users can login SQUID with GSI-SSH. Please see this page.

The following PDF is Getting Started Guide. 

If you can not the above PDF file, or If you want to know in detail, please see the following:


We adopt 2-factor Authentication(2FA) for SQUID. Unlike OCTOPUS, all users must prepare some device for 2FA.


Login information

Connecting the host and other information is as follows:

Server name Host name
HPC frontend
HPDA frontend



If you forget Password, please initialize it from the following page:
WEB Application System

Application for 2FA

You can use your smartphone or PC as a device for 2FA. Please install any one of the following applications:

OS Application Distributor
Android Google Authenticator Google Play Store
Microsoft Authenticator Google Play Store
iOS Google Authenticator Apple App Store
Microsoft Authenticator Apple App Store
Windows WinAuth Github
macOS Step Two Apple App Store



How to login

We introduce how to install Google Authenticator on a smartphone and how to log in SQUID from Windows PC in this section. In the first login, you have to do from No.1 to No.5. After second time, all you have to do No.5.

No.1 login with SSH

Connect SQUID with “ssh” command. You can use some terminal application. It is prepared "terminal"(MacOS) or "command prompt"(Windows) as default apps. If you use TeraTerm, please see this page. How to login HPC frontend with SSH is the following:
* The "-l" in the ssh command below is a "hyphen lowercase l". Please note that it is easy to confuse with I (uppercase i) or | (pipe).

$ ssh (-l UserID)

The authenticity of host ‘ (133.1.66.X)’ can’t be established.
RSA key fingerprint is 32:fd:73:4e:7f:aa:5d:3c:2e:ab:37:83:d6:55:98:e2.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes(Only first time)
(UserID)'s password: *****(your password)


No.2 Keep QR code

A terminal displays QR code in first login.

Initiallize google-authenticator

Warning: pasting the following URL info your browser exposes the OTP secret to Google:*200&chld=M|0&cht=qr&otpauth://totp/


Your new secret key is: XXXXXXXXXXX

Enter code from app (-1 to skip): -1
Code confirmation skipped
Your emergency scratch codes are:

2FA application require QR code in the first setting. Please keep this code and proceed to No.3.
* The QR code notation may be corrupted depending on the window size of the terminal software. Please adjust the font size or use the URL and secret key provided.


No.3 Set 2FA

Start the Google Authenticator app and click the "Start" button.

Select "Scan Barcode" or "Enter the provided key" and enter the QR code or secret key displayed.


When you completed, the target user will be registered in the Google authentication system and a one-time password will be issued.



No.4 End of initial login

Go back to the terminal and fill in the questions.

Your new secret key is: XXXXXXXXXXX
Enter code from app (-1 to skip): -1
Code confirmation skipped
Your emergency scratch codes are:
ok? Hit enter: (Enter key)


Enter -1 for "Enter code from app (-1 to skip):" to skip. "OK? Hit enter:" is displayed. Press Enter to log out once.

* In "Your emergency scratch codes are:", it is possible to issue a specified number of codes that can be used only once, but it is set to 0 for security reasons.


No.5 Second and subsequent Logins

Launch the two-step verification app and check your one-time password.


Use the terminal software or SSH command to perform SSH access. When logging in, use the one-time password obtained.
The following is an example of SSH login to HPC frontend(

$ ssh (-l UserID)
(UserID)'s password: *****(Enter your password)
Verification code: *****(Enter one-time password)



If you have any problem

Recovery instruction if Two-factor Authentication became unavailable

Administrator operation is necessary, contact system administrator.( Please include your user ID in the email.