(Closed) modification for a problem of MPI/SX library

May 15,2018
We released modified MPI library.

Regarding MPI/SX library, we found problems on a content released at our maintenance in January 2018.
We will release new MPI/SX library modified the problems in the first half of the next week. Our system does not stop a service. we will inform again after finishing the release.


Contents of the problem

If the MPI/SX shell script including mpicc, mpif90 for compiling and linking MPI programs is used with the following options, an error occurs and the compiling and linking fails.


* -pi expin= 

[sx]mpicc, [sx]mpic++, [sx]mpif03

* -pi file= 
The example of error message is as follows.

% sxmpif90 -pi expin=sample.f90 main.o
sxf90 fatal : No source or object file specified.


Cause of the problem

The problem is caused by the modification in the MPI/SX shell script for compiling and linking MPI programs released in the local correction LC110088 and LC110089. The contents of the modification is as follows.


(A) If a source program with a size of zero is specified to mpicc, mpic++, mpif90 or mpif03 script.


(A) If a source program with a size of zero is specified to sxmpicc, sxmpic++, sxmpif90 or sxmpif03 script.

The purpose of the modification is to accept the source programs with a size of zero, however, the modification includes the incorrect processing. The incorrect processing accepts unnecessary options and causes this problem.

Posted : April 26,2018