Updating WEB system for application and user management

Today, we renew the following system that had stopped for updating. However, these system are written in Japanese. We are translating into English now. In addition, "Portal site" have been updating yet. We will announce again after renewing it.

WEB system for application

    purpose: initializing password, First application for system use.
    *a manual is this page.


WEB system for user management

    purpose: Changing password, Additional resource, Changing user information, Additional user, Deleting user, Viewing an information of user and resource.
    *a manual is this page.


If you have submitted some application already through a web-form or e-mail, you have not to apply again from these above sites.
In the case of OCTOPUS free trial, please apply it from the following form, the same as before.
OCTOPUS Free trial

Posted : January 16,2018