[Important Notice] SX-ACE and VCC service termination is scheduled

SX-ACE and VCC will be retired as follows. Please be aware of and ready for system retirement.
we will announce the next system as soon as the detail on the next system introduction and schedule is finalized.



SX-ACE is scheduled to scaled-down from Apr 1, 2020 and be terminated on Sep 30, 2020.

to 31 March, 2020 from 1 April, 2020
to 30 September, 2020
Number of cluster 3 2
Number of nodes(total) 1536 1024
Number of cores(total) 6144 4096
Peak performance(total) 423TFLOPS 282TFLOPS
Vector performance(total) 393TFLOPS 262TFLOPS
Number of memory(total) 96TB 64TB
Storage 2PB(No change)



VCC will be retired at Mar 31, 2020.

Posted : October 15,2019