(Important : for all users) About using our system in 2023 fiscal year (Submission due : Mar. 29)

Today, we started accepting applications for continuous usage for the next fiscal year.
You need to apply by March 24, if you continue to use our supercomputer system. A representative of application only can submit the continuous service application.
In April 2023, we will make the following changes to terms of service charge and coefficient. Please refer to this page for details.
for Using our system in the 2023 fiscal year


    • Users of HPCI or JHPCN or Research proposal based use cannot submit service application for next fiscal year.
    • If you will not submit service application for next fiscal year, your account will be automatically stopped at the end of March. If you end to use our system in this fiscal year, any application is not required.
    • We can not accept additional resource request for this fiscal year after submitting application of continuous use for next fiscal year.
    • We are going to charge your usage fee in April 2023.

Posted : March 27,2023