Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of chemical short-range order formation kinetics in high-entropy alloys


Authors:Jun-Ping Du, Yangen Li, Yuki Asazu, Jumpei Nakamura, Yiwen Fan, Heting Liao, Shuhei Shinzato, Yuji Sato, Peijun Yu, Shigenobu Ogata

Affiliation:Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka university

Abstract:In this study, we designed a simulation framework to obtain the time–temperature–CSRO degree (TTC) diagram in HEAs using the kinetic Monte Carlo (kMC) method based on the assumption of the vacancy diffusion dominated CSRO formation process.


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  • Z. Shen, J.-P. Du, S. Shinzato, Y. Sato, P. Yu, S. Ogata, “Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation framework for chemical short-range order formation kinetics in a multi-principal element alloy”, Computational Materials Science, 198 (2021), 110670.


Posted : March 01,2022