You can use the following development support tools with an interactive batch on SQUID.


Arm Forge DDT/MAP

Arm Forge is a development assistance tools suite that includes debugging, profilers, optimization tools, and more for C / C ++ / FORTRAN applications on Linux. The main components are Arm DDT, which is a debugger, and Arm MAP, which is a profiler for parallel applications. Follow the procedure below to start it.


NEC Parallel Debugger

NEC Parallel Debugger is a debugging tool for Vector Engine, and provides a plug-in for debugging MPI applications for Eclipse PTP (Parallel Tools Platform). NEC Parallel Debugger is started by the following procedure.

(1)Start the X server (Xming, VcXsrv, etc.) in advance on the host terminal that logs in to the front-end environment.
(2)Login to the loan-end environment with X forwarding enabled.
(3)Start Eclipse PTP.

(4)The Eclipse Launcher window will open. Enter the Workspace directory (the directory that stores the make environment of the application to be debugged) and click "Launch".
For details on how to use it, refer to the following page of NEC Aurora Forum.

Aurora Forum
LEARN MORE > NEC SDK > NEC Parallel Debugger User's Guide