15-screen Cylindrical Stereo Visualization System

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System Overview

15-screen Cylindrical Stereo Visualization System is a visualization system composed of 15 46-inch WXGA (1366x768) LCD, and Image-Processing PC Cluster driving visualization processing on 15 screens. A notable characteristic of this visualization system is that it enables approximately 16-million-pixel very high-definition stereo display. Also, it is notable that large-scale and interactive visualization processing becomes possible through the dedicated use of PC cluster for large-scale visualization (VCC).


Furthermore, OptiTrackFlex13, a motion capturing system has been introduced in this visualization system. By making use of the software corresponding to the motion capturing system, interactive visualization leveraging Virtual Reality (VR) becomes possible.


Furthermore, high definition video-conference system (Panasonic KX-VC600) is available.


The install location of this visualization system is Umekita Office of the Cybermedia Center, Osaka University ( Grand Front Osaka Tower C 9th Floor)


Node performance

Image Processing PC Cluster on Umemkita (IPC-U) is composed of 6 computing nodes, each of which has two Intel Xeon E5-2640 2.5GHz processors, a 64 GB main memory, 2 TB hard disk (RAID 1), and NVIDIA Quadro K5000. This PC cluster controls visualization processing on 15 screens.


1 node (IPC-U)
# of processor(core) 2(12)
Main memory 64 GB
Disk 2 TB (RAID 1)
GPU: NVidia Quadro K5000 1
Performance 240 GFlops


System performance

IPC-U is a cluster system which 6 computing nodes are connected on 10GbE. The peak performance of IPC-U is as follows

# of processor(core) 12(72)
Main memory 384 GB
Disk 12 TB (RAID 1)
GPU: NVidia Quadro K5000 6
Performance 1.44 TFlops



IPC-U has Windows 7 Professional and Cent OS 6.4 dual-installed as operating system. Users can select either of operating systems according to their purposes.


The following software are installed on IPC-U.


Visualization software

AVS Express/MPE VR General-purpose visualization software. Available for VR display such as CAVE.
IDL integrated software package including data analysis, visualization, and software development environemnt
Gsharp Graph/contour making tool.
SCANDIUM Image analysis processing of SEM data
Umekita High-quality visualization of stereo structural data from measurement devices such as electron microscope


VR utility

CAVELib CAVELib APIs for visualization under multi-display and PC cluster EasyVR MH Fusion VR Software for displaying 3D model in 3D-CAD/CG software on VR display VR4MAX Software for displaying 3D model on 3ds Max