Cyber HPC Symposium 2019


Date: Mar 8, 2019, 9:30 a.m. – 5:45 p.m.(Start accepting 9:00 a.m.)
Venue: Osaka University Cybermedia Center (Suita Campus)
Cybermedia commons
Participation fee: Free
Organizer: Osaka University Cybermedia Center
Cooperation: The Joint Usage/Research Center for Interdisciplinary Large-scale Information Infrastructures


This symposium invites experts who have worked on high-performance computing and cloud computing in industry-academia and considers the theme of future high-performance computing service based on utilization examples of our large-scale computer system and trends of research and development.


09:30-09:40 Introduction
Ichiro Morihara Vice Director / Specially Professor
Cybermedia Center, Osaka University
09:40-10:30 [Keynote Speech]
"Overview of Hokkaido University High Performance Intercloud
- Shifting from Hardware Procurement to Continuous Reinforcement of Soft Power -"
Akiyoshi Sugiki Associate Professor
Systems Design Research Division, Information Initiative Center, Hokkaido University
10:30-10:50 Morning Break
10:50-11:30 "Needs for Cloud in Scientific Research: an example from theoretical astrophysics"
Kentaro Nagamine Professor
Department of Earth and Space Science, Graduate School of Science, Osaka University
11:30-12:00 "Future Issues and Current Situation of Supercomputing Systems at the Cybermedia Center"
Susumu Date Associate Professor
Applied Information System Research Division, Cybermedia Center, Osaka University
12:00-01:30 Lunch Break
01:30-02:10 [Guest Speech]
"High Performance Computing in the Cloud Era by Microsoft Azure"
Shuichi Gojuki Cloud Solution Architect
Enterprise Cloud Architect Division, Customer Success Unit, Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.
02:10-02:50 "Numerical simulations of flow and water-quality in estuaries and lakes using HPC resources"
Yusuke Nakatani Assistant Professor
Division of Global architecture, Graduate school of Engineering, Osaka University
14:50-15:30 "Toward the Realization of Real-Scale Social Simulations"
Tadahiko Murata Professor
Faculty of Informatics, Kansai University
03:30-04:15 Afternoon Break
04:15-05:45 Panel Discussion
Chairman Yasuhiro Watashiba Specially Associate Professor
Advanced High-Performance Computing System Architecture, Cybermedeia Center, Osaka University
Panelist Tohru Kondo Associate Professor
Research Department for Information Infrastructure, Information Media Center, Hiroshima University
Hiroyuki Takizawa Professor
Research division on supercomputing systems, Cyberscience Center, Tohoku University
Toshihiro Hanawa Associate Professor
Supercomputing Research Division, Information Technology Center, The University of Tokyo
Shuichi Matsui Senior Professional
Corporate Sales and Sales Operations Division, NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.
Makoto Matsuyama HPC Cloud Platform Representative
Public Sector Sales, Oracle Corporation Japan
Keiji Yoshida Rescale Japan
Senior Account Executive
06:00- Reception
Venue : Icho-Club(In Icho-Kaikan) Participation Fee : 2,500 JPY
->The place of Icho-Kaikan :Suita Campus Map Number11
Suita Campus Map[pdf]


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Date : Mar 8, 9:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (Start accepting 9:00 a.m.)
Instructor: Cybermedia Center
Venue: Osaka University Cybermedia Center (Suita Campus)
     Cybermedia commons
     -> The place of Cybermedia Center : Suita Campus Map Number 44
      Suita Campus Map[pdf]
Type : Symposium
Quota: 80 people
Application deadline: Mar 1 (Fri)

Application is closed.