I want to mount HPCI shared storage from a not-HPCI group. / I want to mount HPCI shared storage for a project not using Osaka University.

How to mount HPCI shared storage is the following. However, you have to prepare a mount point directory in advance.
Please contact us from this page.
1. store your proxy certificate in the repository on HPCI Certificate Issuing System.

2. login our login server and enter the following command:

myproxy-logon -s portal.hpci.nii.ac.jp -l hpciXXXX(HPCI-ID) -t168


3. mount HPCI shared storage to /gfarm/(project ID)/(user ID)directory (mount point).



4. un-mount HPCI shared storage after use.



please see "HPCI Shared Storage User Manual" on this page for a detail.


Can I take over an account from Trial use to General (non-free) use?

Yes. Please apply "Adding usage resource" from User management system.
User management system

Please see the following page for the detail about "Adding usage resource".
How to add usage resource


When I execute "qsub" and "qstat" command, it is printed the error message, "Setting locale failed.".

Our frontend server takes over a locale setting of your terminal for ssh client, Mac OS. "SendEnv" setting of your terminal occur it. Please try the following two ways.

Modify on "/etc/ssh_config"

Please comment out "SendEnv" setting by # mark on "/etc/ssh_config" as following.
Make sure that it must be done before connecting to frontend server.

    Host *
    # SendEnv LANG LC_*


write a locale setting on profile

If you want that ssh server take over a locale setting from your terminal but you want to resolve this problem, please write in bash_profile as following

    LC_ALL=en.US UTF=8



Can I specify any permissions for standard output file and standard error output file ?

On SX-ACE and VCC, the permission of standard output file and standard error output file depend on "umask". Please specify the permission with "umask" command on front-end server.


May I execute qstat or sstat command at regular intervals?

While executing qstat and sstat command, our system consume one license of them. A number of licenses is enough for normal usage. But, if many user execute at regular intervals, licenses may be shortage. In this case, many user will not be able to execute these command.
Please refrain from executing at regular intervals. If you have to do absolutely, please execute at 10 minute intervals.


Can I add user account of my student or coworker in my group ?

Yes. Please see the following page.

User add/change/delete


How can I change the item of expenditure or date of payment after application ?

Please contact us from the following WEB form.
Form for inquires


How can I check the job-status of other users ?

Users can not check the job status of other users. We appreciate your understanding.


I want to install an application and a library.

If you install any library and application to your disk, our permits are not necessary.
If you expect that center install any library and application to a whole of system, please contact us from the following web form:
Inquiry / Request form

Please note that we may not permit or we may ask to install with yourself, depending on the kind of library and application.


Could I use Python?

Yes. We provide Python on all system.


What limitation is there on the trial use ?

On trial use, you can not use over our ruled Point and 3 month. But there is not what limited besides these. You can use our system like normal use.
Please see this page about node hour.
Please see this page about trial use.


How can I check the congestion information of jobs ?

Users can not check the congestion information of jobs.
If the large scale computing system was not crowded, your submitting job will become "ASG" on job scheduler. Therefore, please judge whether congestion or not by "STT" on sstat command.
And, if your submitted job keeps “QUE” by any error of your job or any problem of our system, we will report you about it.


Could I transfer or share a file among users ?

On our large-scale computing system, You can not use SFTP or SSH, SCP, etc from front-end server.
And also you can not change group and can not share in permission of group.
You can use SFTP among front-end server and local server(your terminal). Please transfer a file through your terminal to other user.


What type of computer systems can I use at the Cybermedia Center?

Please see the following page about our large-scale computer system.

System Introduction


I got the error message "/var/spool/nqsII/jsv/jobfile/0.10989.11/user_script: 実行形式エラー. 間違ったアーキテクチャです." during the runtime of job.

Your job script file's file-format could be BOM(Byte Order Mark) format. Therefore, it is possible that the first line which you indicate to use specific shell is not interpreted. The job script should be non-BOM format.

Please check your file using the command below.

% file nqs.sh


You can change the file-format by a text-editor like vi. Please submit it again after changing the file-format.

We will show an example to edit BOM-format by using vi editor.

Open the file by vi, add the option '-b'.

% vi -b nqs.sh


At the beginning of the first line, <feff>, this is BOM character. Delete these letters and save it.


I got the error message "Request could not be routed.Request deleted." when i submitted a job request.

You might mistake the jobclass submitted.
Please confirm your job-script again. If your job-script is right, please contact us on the following page.
Inquiry form


When I execute "qsub" and "qstat" command, it is printed the error message, "NQSconnect: [BSV ELICENSE] nqscui license was exceeded.".

This error message means that these commands exceeded license number limit already.
We have readied a enough number of license. But, in the case that executing these commands are concentrated in same time, it may exceeded license number limit. If you see this message, please inform us.
Form for Inquiries


I can connect to the server with ssh but not with sftp/scp.

Please confirm if you are not invoking other shell in ".cshrc" file.
The sftp-server process need to start from csh. If you are invoking other shell, it can not connect, then it will be timeout. Please delete the command line which invoke other shell in ".cshrc", and try again.

If it will not be solved, please contact us from the inquiry form below.

Form for inquiries


I have forgot my login password. How should I do?

Please apply the "パスワード初期化申請をする" button on the following web site.

the Web application system


How can I connect to CMC's supercomputer?

Please see the following page about how to connect.
How to login

In the case of HPCI user or JHPCN-HPCI user, please see the following page.
How to login(for HPCI user)


How can I apply for the Cybermedia Center's service?

Please see the following page about the use application.
Service application


Is there any restriction of purpose and qualification when using large-scale computer systems?

Please refer to the following page about a qualification and rule for CMC service.
Qualification and Rule for CMC Service


Environmental variable and options specified in my job script are not reflected to my computation.

In your job script, you can set up environmental variable and options using setenv command. However, when you execute parallel job at multiple nodes, they are not reflected to all slave nodes.

In this case, please use the NQSII option '-v' in the job script as follows.

#PBS -v [environment variable or options]=[value]


Can I use bash?

Yes, you can use it.
A login shell is set to csh by default on SX-ACE and VCC. How to change shell is the following.

$ bash

If you want to change login shell from csh to bash, please describe the following in ".cshrc" file on home directory.

exec bash

It is necessary to prepare ".bashrc" file by yourself When you set an alias to bash.
A login shell is set to bash by default on OCTOPUS.


How can I check the disk usage of my group?

We provide the command for checking disk usage.
Please see the following page.
How to check resource usage


How can I end to use ?

You do not have to do anything. If you would not apply for continue service to the next fiscal year, we end your account at the end of fiscal year.


Can I check when my job starts?

You can check your job status with the following command.


If the system decide when your job starts, STT will change status to ASG(Assigned) and PlannedStartTime will show what time your job starts.
Please see the following page about the detail.

About scheduler command


I got the error message "No request queue specified, and no local default has been defined." when I submitted a job request.

It probably has a problem with a character/line feed code in your job script. Our system's character encoding is UTF-8 and the line feed code is LF. When you copy a file to our system, you should do it by ASCII or convert codes using the command like iconv.


My job request has been in waiting queue for long time..

The scheduler is scheduling jobs by requested resources and user's priority. Therefore, you may have to wait depending on your request.
You can see the scheduling status of your job using the command below.



When the status(STT) is ASG(Assigned), it indicates that the job is scheduled already. PlannedStartTime shows actually execution start time of it.
For further information, please see below.


About scheduler command


If you wait a very long time, the job request might be exceeded resource limit. Or there might be any problem with the system. In that case, Please contact us.




実行中のジョブが終了したことを合図に、次のジョブを自動で投入したい。 その際、実行中のjobが成功したかどうかで、投入するジョブを変えたい。



「NQS利用の手引」のリファレンス編 第1章 ユーザコマンドをご参照頂けますようお願い致します。

※ man qwait でもヘルプを参照できます。

qwait については下記のような使い方が可能です。

監視スクリプトをバックグラウンド実行し、スクリプト内で qwaitを実行します。

$ qsub job1-1
Request 12345.cmc submitted to queue: Pxx.
$ (./chkjob >& log &)

----- chkjob
while :
qwait 12345.cmc #リクエストIDを任意のものに変更して下さい
case $? in
0) qsub job1-2;exit;;
1) qsub job2-1;exit;;
2) qsub job3-1;exit;;
3) echo NQS error | mail xxxx@yyyy.ac.jp;exit;;#メールアドレスを任意のものに変更してください
7) continue;;
*) ;;


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