I would like to know how to address the following error: Runtime Error: Cannot allocate memory for environment variable VE_FORT_UFMTENDIAN.

This error occurs when an array is specified as a sequence of unformatted input/output statements and the array size is large.
It can be identified by specifying the following compiler options and runtime environment variables.
* The error file and the number of lines will be displayed as shown below:

$ nfort main.f90 -g -traceback=verbose
$ ./a.out
Runtime Error: Cannot allocate memory for environment variable VE_FORT_UFMTENDIAN.
Program terminated by fatal error
[ 0] 0x600c00a58910 ? ?:?
[ 1] 0x600c00a51b38 ? ?:?
[ 2] 0x600c00cd4c78 ? ?:?
[ 3] 0x60000001f850 MAIN main.f90:28 *
[ 4] 0x60000001fc80 ? ?:?
[ 5] 0x600c02a407a8 ? ?:?
[ 6] 0x600000002d00 ? ?:?


I get a runtime error message "No PBS nodefile found" on MPI program.

If you did not specify "${NQSII_MPIOPTS}" when you execute MPI program, you will get the following error message:

[mpiexec@oct-***] HYDT_bscd_pbs_query_node_list (../../tools/bootstrap/external/pbs_query_node_list.c:23): No PBS nodefile found
[mpiexec@oct-***] HYDT_bsci_query_node_list (../../tools/bootstrap/src/bsci_query_node_list.c:19): RMK returned error while querying node list
[mpiexec@oct-***] main (../../ui/mpich/mpiexec.c:621): unable to query the RMK for a node list

Please see the following page about a sample job script for MPI program:
How to use Intel MPI on OCTOPUS

This error message notice that "nodefile" for MPI program does not exist. "nodefile" automatically is set by ${NQSII_MPIOPTS} on OCTOPUS.


Binary data get into output file of MPI job

Binary data is seldom written in an output file when each process is written to output data to the same name file.

Please use MPI-IO or write to output data to separate files for each process.

Please see the following page for MPI-IO


My job stops in EXT status

When a job stops in EXT status, disk usage often exceeds the limit. Please check your usage by usage_view command.

On SQUID and OCTOPUS, the file system has two areas, "home area" and "work area". Home area is the login directory and allocated only 10 GB.
Please see the following page for detail.
File system(SQUID) File system (OCTOPUS)


When I execute "qsub" and "qstat" command, it is printed the error message, "Setting locale failed.".

Our frontend server takes over a locale setting of your terminal for ssh client, Mac OS. "SendEnv" setting of your terminal occur it. Please try the following two ways.

Modify on "/etc/ssh_config"

Please comment out "SendEnv" setting by # mark on "/etc/ssh_config" as following.
Make sure that it must be done before connecting to frontend server.

    Host *
    # SendEnv LANG LC_*


write a locale setting on profile

If you want that ssh server take over a locale setting from your terminal but you want to resolve this problem, please write in bash_profile as following

    LC_ALL=en.US UTF=8



I got the error message "/var/spool/nqsII/jsv/jobfile/0.10989.11/user_script: 実行形式エラー. 間違ったアーキテクチャです." during the runtime of job.

Your job script file's file-format could be BOM(Byte Order Mark) format. Therefore, it is possible that the first line which you indicate to use specific shell is not interpreted. The job script should be non-BOM format.

Please check your file using the command below.

% file nqs.sh


You can change the file-format by a text-editor like vi. Please submit it again after changing the file-format.

We will show an example to edit BOM-format by using vi editor.

Open the file by vi, add the option '-b'.

% vi -b nqs.sh


At the beginning of the first line, <feff>, this is BOM character. Delete these letters and save it.


I got the error message "Request could not be routed.Request deleted." when i submitted a job request.

You might mistake the jobclass submitted.
Please confirm your job-script again. If your job-script is right, please contact us on the following page.
Inquiry form


When I execute "qsub" and "qstat" command, it is printed the error message, "NQSconnect: [BSV ELICENSE] nqscui license was exceeded.".

This error message means that these commands exceeded license number limit already.
We have readied a enough number of license. But, in the case that executing these commands are concentrated in same time, it may exceeded license number limit. If you see this message, please inform us.
Form for Inquiries


Is there any manual to understand error messages?

set queue mapsize sched_time =421200 A256H
Please see the compiler manual.
These are on the following page. Access to these manuals require authentication, user account.

user manual


I got the error message "No request queue specified, and no local default has been defined." when I submitted a job request.

It probably has a problem with a character/line feed code in your job script. Our system's character encoding is UTF-8 and the line feed code is LF. When you copy a file to our system, you should do it by ASCII or convert codes using the command like iconv.


ジョブを実行しても、エラーメッセージに 「/var/spool/nqsII/jsv/jobfile/****/user_script: コマンドが見つかりません.」 と出力され実行されない。


    1.先頭行の "#!" で指定されているコマンド名(通常はシェル名)の絶対パスが誤っている可能性があります。
    2.ジョブスクリプトファイルの改行コードが CRLF (Windows)になっている可能性があります。
     スクリプトファイルは、文字コードを "UTF-8"、改行コードを "LF" で作成してください。


     (秀丸エディタ[シェアウェア] や サクラエディタ 等いろいろあります)
      ※ 文字コードは "UTF-8"、改行コードは "LF" を指定
    ・WinSCP でファイルをアップロードする時に転送モードを"テキスト" に設定するか、
     ファイルの拡張子をテキストだと自動判別されるもの(.txt , .sh 等)にする。
     ※ この方法では文字コードには対応できません


    sed 's/r//g' sample.sh > sample2.sh