Software update for SQUID/OCTOPUS (Apr 10)


    We updated some software as following table:

    General purpose CPU nodes GPU nodes Vector nodes Frontend server Stroage
    Compiler Intel one API
    NVIDIA HPC SDK 22.2->22.11
    CUDA 11.6->11.8
    NEC Compiler 3.4.2->5.0.0 same environment as calculation nodes DDN Lustre 2.12.8-ddn19-1->2.12.8-ddn23
    Communication library intelMPI 2021.4.0->2021.8.0
    OpenMPI 4.0.5->4.1.4
    UCX 1.8.0-1->1.13.0-1
    OpenMPI 4.0.5->4.1.4
    UCX 1.12.0->1.13.0-1
    NEC MPI 2.21.0-2->3.3.0 same environment as calculation nodes
    Driver nvidia-driver
    VEOS 2.11.1-1->2.14.1-1 nvidia-driver
    Mellanox OFED 4.9->5.6- Mellanox OFED 4.9->4.9-
    OS CentOS 8.4->Rocky 8.6 RHEL 8.4->8.6 Equivalent RHEL7 (Original OS)

    To use the latest environment, please load as the following. If an error occurs during execution, please recompile in the above environment.
    module load BaseCPU->for general purpose CPU nodes (Intel compiler)
    module load BaseGCC->for general purpose CPU nodes(GNU compiler)
    module load BaseGPU->for GPU nodes
    module load BaseVEC->for vector nodes


    Intel Compiler

      As previously announced on this page
      , a vulnerability has been detected in the previous version of the C++ compiler.
      It is possible to run the compiled program, but we recommend recompiling.

    Vector Compiler

      Due to a driver update for compute nodes, BaseVEC/2021 and BaseVEC/2022 are no longer available.
      If you are using vector nodes, please recompile with BaseVEC/2023.


      Due to a driver update for compute nodes, the previous version of OpenMPI is no longer available.
      Please use BaseGPU/2023 and BaseGCC/2023.


      Paraview depends on the version of the X server. Please use the latest version of X server.


    The Intel compiler has been updated to the latest version, oneAPI 2022.3. 
    Please note that you will need to execute the exit command one extra time when logging out due to the above oneAPI environment setting, which is a phenomenon limited to cases where the "C shell" is used as the login shell. Please be aware of this. The default login shell is "bash", and if you have not changed it, there is no need to be concerned.

Posted : April 10,2023