Could I pay a service charge in installments by some expenses?

Yes. You can input some expenses information on our WEB application form.
Please see the following page for detail of application.
Service Application


Can I take over an account from Trial use to General (non-free) use?

Yes. Please apply "Adding usage resource" from User management system.
User management system

Please see the following page for the detail about "Adding usage resource".
How to add usage resource


Until when can I use additional disk , if I apply additional disk in the middle of the fiscal year ?

You can use till the end of fiscal year you apply additional disk. If you want to use in the next year also, you have to re-apply for continue service.


Can I add user account of my student or coworker in my group ?

Yes. Please see the following page.

User add/change/delete


How can I change the item of expenditure or date of payment after application ?

Please contact us from the following WEB form.
Form for inquires


What limitation is there on the trial use ?

On trial use, you can not use over our ruled Point and 3 month. But there is not what limited besides these. You can use our system like normal use.
Please see this page about node hour.
Please see this page about trial use.


In the case of non-residents of Japan, could I get the HPCI-ID ?

You can get the HPCI-ID from the HPCI online application system. Please note that you must provide the place of residency to the registration form. Please see 11-12 page of "HPCI Quick Start Guide" on the following page about the detail.
HPCI Manual


How can I apply adding the resource (Point or Storage).

You can apply adding the resource on the following web-system.
Please see the following page about how to apply.
一般利用(学術利用) 資源追加申請


What type of computer systems can I use at the Cybermedia Center?

Please see the following page about our large-scale computer system.

System Introduction


How can I apply for the Cybermedia Center's service?

Please see the following page about the use application.
Service application


Is there any restriction of purpose and qualification when using large-scale computer systems?

Please refer to the following page about a qualification and rule for CMC service.
Qualification and Rule for CMC Service


How can I end to use ?

You do not have to do anything. If you would not apply for continue service to the next fiscal year, we end your account at the end of fiscal year.