Large eddy simulation of wind loads on solar panels


氏名:Jingxue Wang

所属:Tokyo Polytechnic University Wind Engineering Research Cente

概要:Roof-mounted solar panels play an increasingly important role in developing renewable energy. Wind loading is a major concern for these systems and is affected by the flow turbulence induced by building, inclined solar arrays geometries and of course, approaching turbulence in the atmospheric boundary layer. The wind pressure characteristics on roof-mounted solar panels were firstly examined by the wind tunnel tests and proved to behave differently compared with those roof pressures. The Large Eddy Simulation (LES) has been carried out to examine the flow field responsible for the wind pressures on solar panels using OpenFOAM. The significance of large-scale vortex induced by the roof edge, such as typical separated-reattached flow and conical vortices, and the local flow around the panels is evaluated for both normal and oblique wind directions.

Posted : 2019年03月29日