Ab initio approach to light nuclear systems based on quantum chromodynamics


氏名:Hidekatsu NEMURA

所属: RCNP Osaka University

概要:Comprehensive study of generalized baryon-baryon interaction including strangeness is one of the important subject of nuclear physics. In order to obtain a complete set of isospin-base baryon interactions, we perform a large scale lattice QCD calculation with almost physical quark masses corresponding to $(m_{\pi}, m_{K})\approx(146,525)$~MeV and large volume $(La)^4=(96a)^4\approx(8.1~{\rm fm})^4$. A large number of Nambu-Bethe-Salpeter correlation functions from nucleon-nucleon to $\Xi\Xi$ are calculated simultaneously. For the moment, we focus on the strangeness S=-1 channels of the hyperon interactions by means of HAL QCD method. We find that the tensor force between Lambda-Nucleon and Sigma-Nucleon is stronger than the tensor force in the Lambda-Nucleon diagonal part.



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Posted : 2021年03月01日