Transport of fast-electrons produced by intense laser-plasma interactions with PHITS code


氏名:Shinsuke FUJIOKA¹, Ryunosuke TAKIZAWA², Tamaki MAEGAWA³, Takumi TSUIDO⁴, King Fai Farley LAW⁵

所属:Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University¹, Dept. Phys., Graduate School of Science, Osaka University²-⁵

概要:(Objective) Interaction between high-intensity laser light and matter produces high-energy or fast
electrons. In laser-driven inertial confinement fusion, the energy distribution of the fast electrons
is one of the critical parameters that determine the heating efficiency of fusion fuel. However, it
is hard to measure directly because an electric field around a plasma confines a significant portion
of the fast electron in the plasma. In this study, we develop a method to estimate the energy
distribution of the fast electrons from the spectrum of X-rays emitted by them traveling in a
(Description) The process of bremsstrahlung X-ray emission by fast electrons with multiple quasimonoenergetic
energies in the matter is calculated using the Monte Carlo simulation code PHITS
for radiation generation and transport installed in OCTOPUS. The energy distribution of fast
electrons was obtained by reconstructing the experimentally observed X-ray spectrum with the
linear sum of the above Bremsstrahlung X-ray spectra.
(Results) The energy distribution of electrons was successfully estimated from the X-ray spectrum
obtained in the experiment. From the energy distribution, it was directly observed that the fast
electrons were trapped by the electromagnetic field formed around the target.



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Posted : 2023年03月31日