This page is about how to use SX-ACE.
The system information on SX-ACE is detailed from here.


First of all

Usage for novice
HPCI usage for novice


How to login
How to login(for HPCI user)
How to login(for OCTOPUS user)
How to transfer file (local - SX-ACE,VCC)
How to transfer file (SX-ACE,VCC - OCTOPUS)
How to transfer file (account A - account B)
How to use shared straoge (for HPCI user)


How to use Frontend
How to use File system
How to check your usage


Basics to make program
How to use editor
SX cross-compiler
Development support tools

4.Program execution

Basics to batch processing
How to describe job script
How to describe job script(for HPCI user)
SX-ACE sample scripts
About scheduler commands
SX job class table
About shared use node hour
About interactive use

5.Performance tuning

How to vectorize
how to tune with OpenMP/auto parallelism
How to tune with MPI/SX
How to tune with HPF/SX
How to tune with XMP
How to tune with MPI/SX plus internode paralellism

6.How to use library and applications

Software and Library list
How to use SX library
How to use Gaussian09



SX manual (Authentication with user ID is required.)