This page is about how to use SX-ACE.
The system information on SX-ACE is detailed from here.


First of all

Usage for novice
HPCI usage for novice


How to login
How to login(for HPCI user)
How to transfer file (local ⇔ SX-ACE,VCC)
How to use shared straoge (for HPCI user)


How to use Frontend
How to use File system
How to transfer file (SX-ACE,VCC ⇔ OCTOPUS)
How to check your usage


Basics to make program
How to use editor
SX cross-compiler
Development support tools

4.Program execution

Basics to batch processing
How to describe job script
How to describe job script(for HPCI user)
SX-ACE sample scripts
About scheduler commands
SX job class table
About shared use node hour
About interactive use

5.Performance tuning

How to vectorize
how to tune with OpenMP/auto parallelism
How to tune with MPI/SX
How to tune with HPF/SX
How to tune with XMP
How to tune with MPI/SX plus internode paralellism

6.How to use library and applications

How to use SX library
How to use Gaussian09



SX manual (Authentication with user ID is required.)