On this web page, we describe how to use our system in HPCI or JHPCN-HPCI project.

1. Your account

We inform you about "User ID" with e-mail for using our system. "User ID" is "local account" for HPCI. If you have specified Osaka University as HPCI primary center, it is "HPCI account" also. Please initialize password of your User ID from the following page before using our system.
Password initialize WEB form

2. Usage for novices of HPCI

We describe how to use for novices of HPCI on the following page. First, please login and submit your job to our system referring this page.


3. Basic Usage for HPCI

We describe how to use including a parallel calculation on the following page.
* Please note that how to write a job-script is different between HPCI user and not-HPCI user on OCTOPUS.
how to write a jobscript(OCTOPUS)


4. File systems

Our file system has two area basically. Please see for a detail:



    Project ID on your job-script file

    Please note that a job-script of this fiscal year is different from one of the last fiscal year. For instance,
    - It is described "a project ID of this fiscal year" on HPCI WEB system.
    - you must specify "a project ID of this fiscal year" on your job-script file.
    - you must specify "a project ID of this last fiscal year" on Gfarm mount directory as HPCI shared storage, like /gfarm/"project ID of the last fiscal year"/.

    About your job-class(queue)

    Please note that a job-class is different between shared use and dedicated use.


    Please feel free to inquire from the following web form if you have any question.
    WEB inquiry form